Azul, Otra Vez (Blue, Revisited)
Inspired by the poetry and short fiction of Rubén Darío.
Book by Melis Aker, Music & Lyrics by Jacinta Clusellas
Concept, Direction, Production Design: Tatiana Pandiani
BRIC, Brooklyn, NYC. March 2018

Azul, Otra Vez (Blue, Revisited) is a musical adaption of Rubén Darío’s poetry and short stories that combines the author’s main characters into one tale about a poet who introduces a burgois king and his people to the power of words and stories. Its score fuses Latin jazz, South American folklore and traditional musical theatre. Set in the 1890s, Act One follows Garcín, a young immigrant poet struggling to make a living as a writer. In present day, Act Two follows a young girl, Margarita parenting her father, a once poet living with depression. Azul, Otra Vez explores how we inherit previous generations' frustrations and repressions and ask how we can reconnect via language, music and art. 

Development History
BRIC Lab (March ’18)
New York Theatre Workshop 2050 Fellowship Project (November ’17)
The Drama League First Draft Residency (June ’17)
The Habitat Directors’ Playground Workshop (September ’16 - May ’17)

Production Team: Melis Aker (Book Writer) Jacinta Clusellas (Music & Lyrics), Tatiana Pandiani (Co conceiver and Direction) Paloma Muñoz (Choreography), Cha See (Lighting Design), Stefania Bulbarella (Projection Design), Sarah K Martinez (Associate Projection Design), Azul Santamarina (Graphic Design)

Cast: Enrique Arce, Eliana Gonzales, Zu Ralat, Gilberto Diaz, Carmen Borla, Xavier Reyes, Jose Antonio Mellian
Band: Alessio Romanso, Benjamin Furman, Jacinta Clusellas, Eitan Goffman, Jacob Nordlinger.

Photography: Federica Borlenghi