Café le Monde By Charles L. Mee
directed by Tatiana Pandiani
Schapiro Theatre, NYC. April / Abril 2015.

This dance-play by Charles L. Mee introduces us to characters as they travel in and out of an existentialist french café where everything is communicated through music and movement. With texts by Chekhov, Joyce, Ibsen and a cast of 25 performers, Café le Monde combines theatre, music, dance and circus.

Obra del autor experimental americano Charles L. Mee donde personajes entran y salen de un café francés existencialista en el que todo se expresa en música y movimiento. Con textos de Chekhov, Joyce, Ibsen, y un elenco de 25 performers, Café le Monde combina teatro, música, danza y circo. 

Written by Charles L. Mee
Production:  Kappy Kilburn, Perrine Villemur (set design), Oona Curley (lighting design), Tatiana Pandiani (costume design)
Cast: Mellisa Mickens, Adam Fontana, Stefania Bulbarella, Iñaki Agustín, Tina Wang, Melis Aker, Eleni Arapoglou, Jazmine Dinkins, Michael Bauer, Josh Domingo, Anna Slate, Sarah Kenney, Gabrielle Greer, Jarvis Griggs, Sohee Yun, Marisa Brau, Ines del Castillo, Raphael Schach.
Band: Juana Luna (LEad Singer and Musical Director), Jacinta Clusellas, Alessio Romano, Michael Sarian, Santiago Leibson.