Field, Awakening by Melis Aker
Directed by Tatiana Pandiani
Paradise Factory, Corkscrew Theatre Festival, New York City. July 2018
Ford Foundation Studio The Pershing Square Signature Center, New York City. May 2018

After ten years of self-imposed estrangement from her country, Rana reunites with three old friends on a soccer field in Istanbul on July 15th, 2016 -- the eve of the attempted coup d’etat in Turkey. As the night progresses, the foursome realizes how brutal nostalgia can feel when the distance between them widens, when life in the present implicates them in political turmoil and places them under surveillance. Spanning across the surreal events of one evening, Field, Awakening is not a homecoming: it’s the tale of a stranger in a strange land, searching in vain for home amidst a landscape of fleeting familiarity.

Production Team: Taísa Malouf (Scenic Design), Reza Behjat (Lighting Design), Dina El Aziz (Costume Design), Melis Aker (& Jack Towhey Calk (Sound Design), Stefania Bulberalla (Projection Design), Anna Woodruff (Dramaturge), Mei Li Heman & Bethany Sharp (Producers), Kadaja Brown & Patricia Anne Garvey (Production Stage Managers)

Cast: Ayse Babahan, Jamar Brathwaite, Kieron J Anthony, Sinan Eczacibasi, Fahim Hamid, Gamze Ceylan, Nazli Sarpkaya

Photography: Charles Renato (Signature), Daniela Alvarenga (Corkscrew)