NORA created and directed by Tatiana Pandiani
Music Creation & Direction by Jacinta Clusellas
St. Mane Theatre, Lanesboro Arts, Lanesboro MN. April  2016

Original music theatre piece developed local women from Lanesboro, Minesota.

Let's ask: “Is Nora’s story still relevant?” Women from the Lanesboro area and resident artists Tatiana Pandiani & Jactina Clusellas will stage a presentation of music and text featuring a reading of selections of “A Doll’s House” by Henrik Ibsen and local stories inspired by “A Doll’s House” interwoven with musical performances

An original documentary theatre piece, NORA. Using Ibsen’s A Doll’s House as the starting point, the project explored gender roles in contemporary United States. The project included the creation of original music inspired by American Folk women artists. This first iteration of NORA is the initial step of a larger multidisciplinary documentary theatre piece being developed across the country. Their primary focus is public engagement, connecting artists and community members, preferably those with little to no formal artistic training, while developing new material inclusive of the local social and cultural tapestry. Learn more about Jacinta & Tatiana, NORA and how the community participated by clicking here.

Production: Lanesboro Arts, Adam Witgen, Original Text: Henrik Ibsen, Music by Joni Mitchell, Original Accompaniments by Jacinta Clusellas

Community Collaborators: Renee Bergstrom, Diane Knight, Jane Grevstad , Stela Bean, Catherine Glynn , Sandy Webb

Photography :  Kara Maloney