I create theatrical performances and direct plays and musicals.

Story is at the center of my practice, beginning at the personal and traveling towards the political. I direct in English and Spanish and combine high culture with mass entertainment. I am inspired by musical theater, pop culture, the news, live music, and teatro criollo. Influenced by my ancestors' journey to South America in the early 1900s, and my parents' journey to the US in the 1990s, my work converses with 20th century history, especially as seen through the lens of womanhood, gender politics, media, and fashion.

Interdisciplinary collaboration essential to this process: my partners are composers, dancers, designers, visual artists. Our exchange is not permanent agreement, but collision and adaptation.

Music, dance, celebration and humor are vehicles to arrive at questioning, discomfort, disagreement and self-recognition. Instead of dogma, I search for text, collaborators and ideas that challenge my assumptions and present audiences with complexity and multiple perspectives.

I make large scale and interdisciplinary performances that create empathy on the on and off the stage, connect us to the past, and remind us of where we're going. I seek stories that empower women, represent diverse communities and protect their legacies.