Associate Directing What the Constitution Means to Me. Travelling to Washington DC for the first stop of the tour. More info here!

Directing a workshop of Torera by Monet Hurst-Mendoza for Long Wharf Theatre.

Azul Otra Vez (Blue, Revisited) directed and choreographed by Tatiana Pandiani as part of the Prelude Festival in NYC.

Fefu and Her Friends by Maria Irene Fornes.
Directed by Tatiana Pandiani. Hofstra University.

Directing When My Mamma was a Hitite (reading) by Melis Aker at the Park Theatre in London, UK. Starring Nicole Ansari-Cox

Azul, Otra Vez (Blue, Revisited) Book by Melis Aker, Music & Lyrics by Jacinta Clusellas, Directing and Dramaturgy by Tatiana Pandiani in development at Tofte Lake Center.

Whitewashed by Hannah Benitez (workshop)
Timucua Arts Foundation. Orlando, Florida.