Le Negrophilie by Zakiya Markland
directed by Tatiana Pandiani
Kampala International theatre Festival (KITF) Kampala, Uganda November / Noviembre 2017
Teatro SEA, NYC . November / Noviembre 2016 & February / Febrero 2017

La Negrophilie is a one woman show following Josephine Baker from young hopeful child to European diva to her mature years. What happens to the spirit when the body is exoticized, eroticized and fetishized for the price of freedom? Josephine Baker left Jim Crow US and garnered overnight stardom in Paris, as an adored icon of black beauty. Yet, this piece dares to ask, was Miss Baker just another n*** in Paris?

La Negrophilie
Production: George Riveron & Teatro SEA // Kampala Int'l Theatre Festival
Written and Performed by Zakiya Markland
Technical: Mariana Vallejo

Photography: George Riveron & Phillip Masembe