The Maids by Jean Genet
directed by Tatiana Pandiani
Alternative Theatre Festival at Wertheim Performing Arts Center, Miami. June / Junio 2012.

This famous play by Jean Genet was based on a true case of maids and sisters Christine y Léa Papin who murdered their employer in France in 1933. The Maids explores S&M, class differences, and power abuse.

Famosa obra de Jean Genet, The Maids se basó en un caso real de las hermanas y empleadas domésticas Christine y Léa Papin, quienes asesinaron a su empleadora en Francia en 1933. Esta obra explora el sadomasoquismo, las diferencias sociales y el abuso del poder. 

Written by Jean Genet
Production: Alternative Theatre Festival, Florencia Ancewitz (set design), Marina Pareja (costume design)
Cast: Amanda Ortega, Andrea Bovino, Lali Navarro.